Why Girl Plumbers Make a Difference

It takes a special girl to be a plumber. You have to put up with so much stuff with regards to this being a man’s world. One reason I got into this business was because I wanted to show everyone that it is not just a man’s world. Women can easily do this job. In fact, there are things that we can do even better.

I would like to thank Roto Rooter for giving me my start in plumbing. I remember the first day I approached the branch manager about joining their team. He was a little hesitant. He wasn’t sure how his team would react nor was he sure how the customers would react since they are so use to this being a male driven occupation. However, after much talking, he finally chose to give me a shot. I took all of the training that I needed. I rode around with other plumbers during my internship for hours and hours. It was my persistence that really paid off. Once I start something, my goal is to finish it. After about a year of internship, I took my plumbing exam and became a licensed plumber.

From there, I applied for a job with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the management position. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go either. I was able to get into this management position through my previous connections. One of my co-workers from Roto Rooter transitioned to Benjamin Franklin. Due to our connections, he was able to give glowing reviews. The management team saw my abilities and my passion. They offered me the job. I was so pumped because it was confirmation that I was where I needed to be.

At Benjamin Franklin, I grew in knowledge of the plumbing business. I learned so much on the back end of how the plumbing business works. I learned how to deal with customers. I learned how to generate leads. I learned how to deal with the money side of the business. It was an extremely helping position because it took me to a different level of knowledge with regards to the plumbing business.

Finally, after about 3 years working for them, I went into a partnership with a company in Greensboro. It was an unbelievable opportunity. Looking back to where I started, not sure if I would be able to even fit into this world and now finding myself in a partnership with someone else was unbelievable. Here is our website- http://www.plumbersgreensboronc.org/

Thanks for following my Plumbing girl chronicles. There are not many of us out there so I appreciate all of the support that I can get.