2013 ~ Page 7 of 365 ~ Priorities

Happy New Year, fam!

We're a week in and I'm quite comfy skipping resolutions that will never be accomplished, writing a manifesto that will be forgotten by April and coming up with witty goal-oriented quips to keep the basics at the forefront of my mind. 2013 will be simple, I have a few a few priorities:

♦ Make love a priority :-)

♦ Not be so quick to judge

♦ Fit exercise in based on activities I enjoy

♦ Create new memories

♦ Refrain from depleting resources on unfruitful endeavors

♦ Acknowledge and feed my core desires

♦ Focus on the great things that happen and not let any unpleasant moment change my course

Semantics? Maybe, but to be honest, many of these stem from past broken resolutions so I consider them second chances :-). All the best to you in the year to come!

indulge ♦ create ♦ live & love to the fullest

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