Monday Moxie ~ Responding to Life's Knocks

"According to A Course in Miracles, there are only two basic emotions: one is fear, the other is love. You may fear the disapproval of others. Take that risk and you'll discover that you receive more approval when you don't seek it than when you do. You may fear the unknown. Take that risk as well. Wander in there, asking yourself, "What is the worst thing that can happen if this doesn't work out?" The truth is that you will just move beyond it. You're not going to starve to death or be tortured if it doesn't work out...Fear knocked at the door. Love answered and no one was there."

~ Wayne Dyer, "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace"


  1. Just two- fear and love? I never thought of these being the two.

    Such a simple lesson, but with the potential for having major and far reaching impact.


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