14 Facts in Life

~ The greatest enemy in life is the self

~ The greatest ignorance in life is deceit

~ The greatest failure in life is narcissism

~ The greatest tragedy in life is jealousy 

~ The greatest fault in life is to lose oneself

~ The greatest crime in life is disloyalty to parents
~ The greatest pity in life in self-depreciation

~ The greatest pride in life reviving from failure

~ The greatest bankruptcy in life is hopelessness

~ The greatest wealth in life is health and wisdom

~ The greatest debts in life is owing love

~ The greatest gift in life is acceptance and forgiveness

~ The greatest shortcoming in life is lack of awareness

~ The greatest console in life is endowment and charity

-- Buddha


  1. These should be placed on bookmarks or maybe wallet-size cards and mass-distributed.

  2. Made perfect sense to me, Miz and Reggie. I figured you all would see the point too :-)

  3. There is a lovely documentary about Buddha on Netflix. It's quality :-)

    1. Thanks Desy! I'll check it out :-)

  4. Truth after truth after truth. Love this.

    1. Hey GG! Glad it resonates with you also :-)


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