Whitney’s passing is a loss to her fans, but let’s not forget that she was someone’s daughter, niece, friend and mother. Her honor is not tied to her talent, but to her love of those who were ultimately her support system. They loved and cared about her beyond what any stranger could. The majority of us will never understand the trappings that usher personal demons and battles into the lives of so many who reach stardom level. We seem to believe their world is perfect for reasons that have no weight when it comes to life and death. Undoubtedly, I have thoroughly enjoyed Whitney’s phenomenal talent, an undeniable blessing and inspiration to countless lives. What I won’t do is speculate the how and the why, there’s no point. May she now truly know the peace that surpasses all understanding. 

Side notes: When will we realize and embrace the fact that we shouldn’t wait until our days (or those of people we love) to celebrate one another? Since there’s no Skype in Heaven that I know of…why not celebrate your loved ones while they can respond and be uplifted by it? I’m starting this week. How about you?

Ignorance abounds these days. There's nothing funny about death. It's obvious anyone who posts jokes and negative comments either 1) live a pathetic life and/or 2) have not experienced loss. One thing I know for sure is that we all will lose someone close to us at some point...let me know how funny it is then. 


  1. Thank you fo this, you've written what my heart feels.

    Whitney, radiant silence.

  2. Beautiful and touching post.

  3. Yes, in God We Trust! Always!

  4. Very well-stated! I wish the media would take your classy lead... but sadly, we all know that class & compassion wouldn't sell magazines, or bump up their all-important ratings.

    Whatever Whitney's personal demons, her passing should be seen as one of Life's painful, but Teachable Moments. We didn't KNOW her. She didn't belong to us & she wasn't OUR family. The reality is she was a super-talented singer who soothed & wooed & comforted & cooed & fed a generation or two w/ large doses of her heart & soul.

    But tragically, something inside of her must've been profoundly empty.

    As sad as this moment feels to the spirit, I'm finding myself hoping that she is finally at peace.

    One Love.

  5. Beautifully stated CG!

  6. She was so very talented.

    Funny thing about it is that my birthday is February 11th. So from now on, I'll always remember her on my birthday.

    Beautiful post CG.


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