{The Burning Question} Livin' Hot Like Fire!

Danielle's at it again. Inspiring those who desire greater life fulfillment to squeeze out juicy, expressive thoughts…needless to say, I wanted to join in!

I want my day to feel like a rushing, swirling river of concepts and creativity all wrapped up with the energy and determination to make things happen. 

I want kissing to feel like a shot of fluid energy from the top of my head to the tip of my right big toe. 

I want my next success to feel like the breakthrough it has taken me quite a while to make. Significant and satisfying beyond my wildest notions. 

I want my body to feel like a dance instructor in the middle of bustin' a new move I want smiling to feel like a physical extension of my love and care for others. 

I want my friendships to feel like a swinging canopy, one that supports and shields, allows you to drift into a zone of comfort and not worry about someone having your back. 

I want my nervous system to feel like a complex connection of life, movement and growth I want my gigs to feel like standing in a shining spotlight. 

I want my neighborhood to feel like a quiet sanctuary with a network of respectful, healthy acquaintances. 

I want my integrity to feel like an impervious bond of character, wisdom and intellect. 

I want my money-making to feel like a way to fund enjoyment, but not define happiness and become a pseudo idol. I want my word to feel like super glue. The truth I tell flies from me and sticks to you. 

I want my laughter to feel like a stress dissolver that allows someone to escape if only for a short while. I want the end of the day to feel like a deep, cleansing, mindful breath. 

I want being of service to feel like an effortless way to extend my heart for helping others. 

I want my philanthropy to feel like a whodunit....a significant impact to many, but nameless because it's a blessing to give. 

I want my challenges to feel like tests of wisdom, character and faith that separate a mediocre life from a phenomenal one. 

I want my love to feel like an unbreakable, unshakeable, undeniable link that is displayed through actions and consistency. 

I want my writing to feel like a limber ballerina whose agility and grace amplifies expressions of passion and foresight. 

I want my ideas to feel like the spark of light Tom Edison discovered and Lewis Latimer perfected…thought → diagram → solid plan → execution = a lasting, life-changing, far-reaching effect. 

Check out the Burning Question series and let us know which aspect of peeling back the layers of your feelings was most revealing to you!


  1. This!!!!!!!

    I want my love to feel like an unbreakable, unshakeable, undeniable link that is displayed through actions and consistency.

  2. Loved it Mellie-Mell, your whole blog-site is sooo pretty! I need to add more pages to mine--I'm inspired---thank-ya-madam!


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