Monday Moxie ~ The Shining

"I was once told that a star in the night sky could have died out long ago but since the light it generated takes years to travel to the earth, we see the star as if it is still there. In short, the star may be dead but its light goes on forever. We too are light and energy. While we live, we generate - through our actions, service, and love - our own glow. Some of us burn brightly; through our passion, deeds, goodness and love, we enlighten the world of others. Some of us play small, dimming our truth through fear, negativity, cynicism or apathy. This world needs our brilliance now for there is far too much darkness - it yearns for us to ignite our being in both small acts and spectacular displays. And when we are eventually gone, if we have been determined in our way, like the stars afar, the light of our lives will continue, it will go on forever, illuminating and inspiring generations to come. (For my ancestors of blood and spirit, I may not even know all your names but I walk in your light.)"

Mayor Booker's assertion that we all walk in the light put forth by those who've paved the way for us, whether blood related or not, really spoke to me. I've been researching my genealogy over the past few months. It began without any real intention because I doubted there would be much beyond what I already knew. For years I didn't think I wouldn't be able to patch together some pieces of my paternal ancestry. My dad didn't talk much about some members of his family due to a misunderstanding years before I was even a thought in my parent's minds. Depending on who I'd ask about, he'd either give a tad bit of info or get irritated and change the subject. I didn't prod much and just accepted it for what it was in abstract terms -- empty branches on that side of the family tree.

Much to my surprise, so far I've found a plethora of information dating back to 1830. One relative after another, almost as if they were yelling "hey, what took you so long to find us!" Initially, it touched my heart to just to see the names and birth dates. I recall some of the names being mentioned by other family members, but seeing the info in black and white helped me gain a clearer understanding of the relationships on a basic level. Why my dad chose to estrange himself from some members of his family is a long story. It was a deeply personal choice that I think he may have regretted to some degree later in life, but was too stubborn to admit. Despite this, uncovering these connections has allowed those branches to flourish and paint a rich history. Happily, their light shines on :-)!


  1. What an amazing quote from Mayor Booker!

    Your story gives me motivation to continue what I started a few years ago but stopped after running into a few dead ends.

    "...uncovering these connections has allowed those branches to flourish and paint a rich history. Happily, their light lives on :-)."

    I want the same! Thank you for sharing ~

  2. Wow! That was something. It was very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this... Happy New Year :)

  3. Given the sad, tragic, & often senselessly violent history of Newark, Mayor Booker has tried his damndest to be a positive force & a lightning rod for change. Inspiring words, indeed! One can only hope that message is both received by those who would benefit most in hearing it, & then put into swift action.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Glad to hear that your search was fruitful. It's amazing what can happen when we look into our family histories (there was a show when Vanessa Williams did so that was very good). I'm sure the branches you add to the tree will be quite colorful as well.

  5. I definitely found it to be therapeutic, Tram. Given all the info available now there's no reason not to try if you desire :-).

    Happy New Year, AK!!! So glad to hear from you :-).

    Glad you found it inspiring as I did, Stef!

    So true, Lin. I'd like to see him excel to higher office. He is cut from a different cloth, one that we so desperately need in many areas of public service.

    Thanks J.A.H.! I've been thinking about legacy a great deal lately and hope that my niece (and future great nieces/nephews) will find it helpful.

  6. It is such an amazing quote. You have such a great blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  7. Thank you for reaching out, Dee! Welcome to the fam :-)


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