Monday Moxie ~ Cultivating of the Relational Kind

Cultivate relationships with those who can teach you. Let friendly intercourse [communication] be a school of knowledge, and let culture be taught through conversation. Thus you make your friends your teachers and mingle the pleasures of conversation with the advantages of instruction. Sensible people enjoy alternating pleasures: you are rewarded with applause for what you say and you gain instruction from what you hear. We are always attracted to others by our own interest, but in this case it is of a higher kind. Wise people frequent the houses of great nobility as theaters of heroism not temples of vanity.

The Art of Worldly Wisdom
~ Baltasar Gracián

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What do you think, fam?
Do you see any value in this approach to life lessons?


  1. I once heard that you should have always have three kinds of friends. Peers, friends you can mentor, and friends who can mentor you. In the last year, I went through some hard relational issues. During that time, my most valued friendships were the ones in which I had people who loved me enough to say "Is this really what you want to do?" instead of just enabling me to make dumb choices.

  2. Absolutely. I believe wholeheartedly that friendships [as adults] are merely glorified "play dates" unless you're learning something from your friends and teaching them something as well. Having friends who hold a mirror up to you and challenge you to step across your own self defined lines of limitation and essential to be an adult.

    I definitely agree with Jo up there. "peers, friends you can mentor and friends who can mentor you" ...amen!

  3. I think every relationship we enter into will teach us something essential, whether good or bad, whether negative or helpful, in our journey. I do think we learn more from wiser people, in general, & from older people as a rule. But children can also be wonderful teachers, when we pay attention to either what they say or the questions they ask.


    1. Very well said! I am who I am because I allowed myself to take lessons away from the friendships that went sour as well as the lasting one. I've also taken lessons away from my interaction with children. They tend to keep things simple when we as adults tend to complicate the simplest things.

    2. Hey Nikks! So true. I listened to a radio show today that pointed out how easy it is for kids to learn music, different languages, etc. because they don't put so much pressure on themselves like we do. That's a skill I'd like to get back.

  4. Moanerplicity, took the words right out of my mouth!!

  5. I've believed and experienced this too, fam, but couldn't find the specific words to adequately explain it like you all have :-)

  6. Sure do. Associate with positive people. And treat each
    person you meet like a Buddha you can learn from without
    first judging them.

  7. Lot of truth here...I think all relationships (not just those of the romantic variety) would be much better off if people just took more time to talk to each other. Makes me wonder why so many are seemingly scared to do it.

  8. i have over the years become very selective with friends, old one and new one and the potentials.... anyway i think friendships also need time and effort to be put in to them in an effortless way .... if you know what i mean .... and ppl should talk about the issues in their friendships...


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