Monday Moxie ~ Stir Up the Gift

You can choose to recognize, and act on, your vast inner wealth in this very moment. What would happen if you did?
~ Nona Jordan

Growing up, my dad would often say that I needed to focus on my tasks at hand because I was essentially playing around while everyone passed me by. That was his perception, I never gave it much thought until recently. Yep, I was the girl who'd rather do fun things, laugh, dance...anything but work on stuff that required me to sit down and essentially waste/b.s. with my time. I managed to get decent grades, etc. but perhaps he saw something in me that I didn't or couldn't at the time. Maybe he was partially correct.

When I read Nona's status update it seemed like a response to a conversation I had the day before with one of my besties. Immediately after reading it I had one of those lightbulb moments that sting a little but serve a purpose. While I'm successful in my own right, I know that my ultimate goals and lifestyle are on injured reserve. How is it that many of my peers and friends I've helped over the years have accomplished the goals and dreams they imagined for their lives? Visions that I co-signed, funded through encouragement and watched grow. Yet....I've started countless projects that slid into the pile of blah due to lack of interest, etc. In my case, it's largely due to not using what I know to be my strengths as a means of creating the life I desire. Yep, the onus is on me, no room for finger pointing or whining.

Given what I know now, I believe it's imperative to take time to be selfish in a way that benefits your best interests. Don't wait for the "right" time, generally, there is none. Don't fall into the mode of "as soon as" because life rarely aligns as planned. Even if for only a short time, find that innate sparkling nugget of clarity and inspiration each of us have. Every dream should be considered a viable option, especially those that challenge you to throw aside the fluffy blanket of comfort. Consider taking the time and effort to identify the strengths and talents that are beckoning for recognition and nurturing.

Your will your life change if you act on what Nona suggested?


  1. Oh Mel, i am so guilty of this, always putting things off, great ideas, wonderful projects. I am trying to stay focused, but more importantly demanding focus! This was a great inspiration!

  2. I'm in (what will hopefully be) the early stages of finding this out. If it works, the world shall hear of it. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I try to be focus, but sometimes it gets difficult.

  4. It's strangely insightful how often those close to us can mirror us simplified & tell us the TRUTH about ourselves. The fact that you NOW see where your dad was coming from & affirm to do something about your you-ness, that's all anyone of us can ask/deman of ourselves! Mad props for recognizing. Now the REAL work is up to you!


  5. It's so hard for me to do because I'm such the damn cheerleader, but that's my immediate goal. To do what I can to hold my own dreams to the light.

    I've spent an inordinate amount of time being the go-to friend for advice and counsel...and it's fine, I love that about myself and my friends that they trust me. Yet, I know that it is time for me...time to burst forward. :)


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