New Year...Now What?: My 2011 Blueprint

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.
~ Raymond Lindquist

On a scale of fab to flub, 2010 was just fair on my end, not good...not bad, just another 365 days. I’m happy to enter a new year, but not for an imaginary clean slate. Ushering in the year has convinced me of the immediate need to toss the resolutions ritual to the wind and intently focus on things that really…I mean really…matter to me. This decision made me more energized than I've been in a long time. It seems to be working well for me so far, someone who has honest intentions but is easily distracted and not always with good reason.

How will this differ from making resolutions? Sure, this may be a matter of semantics, but the thought of making half-hearted plans is a process I can’t engage in anymore. Several areas of my life have suffered solely due to a lack of attention on my part. Years have flown by and no matter how enthusiastic I am in the beginning, layers keep peeling back that reveal something deeper is missing. The stress of trying to achieve goals that are way less important by the time June rolls around (that’s if I remember them at all) is over.

This is just my take on it because the harsh reality is that I always fell short in the past. Last year I accomplished as much as I put my mind and energy to, which I’m not totally satisfied with but guess who’s responsible for that…hmmm...

It finally dawned on me through battling frustrating mental fatigue and a kick in the virtual pants while following Rosetta's 31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge that creating yet another list is not necessary, focusing on improvement is where progress can flourish.

My 2011 Blueprint will serve as a daily reminder and, more importantly, open the gate to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment:

  • make introspection a habit, this will help me continually learn more about myself
  • bear sweet fruit through loving boldly
  • act on ideas when they first come to mind, otherwise there’s no valid reason to fret when someone else brings them to fruition
  • revive the entertaining and socializing CG
  • feed my creative side, starve inaction
  • eliminate recycled "romance"
  • demonstrate appreciation and love for those who have my best interests at heart
  • put time into being a better friend, sister, aunt and colleague
  • no more pouting in disappointment, set realistic expectations
  • continue to ignore negativity, make seeking truth a priority
  • familiarity doesn't automatically make something good, step outside of that invisible holding pattern and get busy!
  • get my curves back in check :-)

There's a drop of selfishness, smidge of catch up time and a truckload of focus/action involved and I'm finally prepared to get down to the nitty gritty! I'll probably post something on each of these, there's a specific reason they're on my priority list going forward. To hold myself accountable, I'll place this list throughout the house and not milestones along the way.

Have you recently let go of any familiar habits or things that no longer served you well? Has it resulted in a noticeable difference?

Much love, peace and advancement in the year to come!


  1. I like these. Best of all, EVERYTHING you listed here seems doable. It really does depend upon one's own personal 'focus' & the amount of energy we sincerely put into something. In the end, it's not impossible. You CAN do this!

    This blueprint idea is a wise thing, b/c it forces us to remember: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!

    Happy New Year, MaMa!


  2. I love it. It's all in you. Hope you don't mind me borrowing a few of your ideas.

  3. Yes...yes...YES!! I have that same mentality now coming into the new year, and I'm putting forth a heavy conscious effort to make sure that things will never be this way again. I'm doing things for me, finally putting myself first...and cutting off anyone bringing negativity into my life. Happy productive new year to you!!


  5. Wow, this is good stuff! Permission to plagarize? =)

    But seriously, I like the title of this one, a blueprint. The word itself speaks loudly as it involves your detailed plan, a foundation.

    As I read through your points, I'm nodding my head admitting where I haven't done so well last year, the year before and so on... Recycled romance and acting on ideas.

    Again, good stuff. Sadly, why is it that we have to wait for the end of the previous year or beginning of a new year to realize all of these great things we should be pushing ourselves to do?

    Best of luck to you with your blueprint and please, keep entertaining us here on the CG

  6. CG, you're the bomb! Know why? Because you're you!! Go 'head with yo bad self! Your goals are wonderful and each one you achieve to your satisfaction will make you a better you to YOU, but to God, you're already the bomb!!

    So don't be hard on yourself concerning your goals because then you'll cause yourself stress which may hinder your achieving your goals!!

    In other words, Toni's words, just let it flow! It all will work out right you know!

  7. I love you! OMG!

    You are soooo inspiring!

    ■eliminate recycled "romance"


    ■demonstrate appreciation and love for those who have my best interests at heart


    I have been so distracted and reeling from disappointments this past fall that I can't even focus to make a 'blueprint'. I must do this soon.

  8. I love your "Blueprint"! Very encouraging and inspiring. My favorite is "demonstrate appreciation and love for those who have my best interests at heart". Following this blueprint, 2011 is going to be a great year for you. I wish you the best.

  9. What's up Melzie!!! I was so glad to see a familiar name on the list of 100 women participating in Reset Your Life. I can't comment on Rosetta's blog from work (disqus is blocked for some crazy reason) and I'm too sleepy in the mornings when I get off to be even slightly coherent.

    I just completed Day 8's exercise "Reflect, Comment, Connect" and I chose you to share my answers with.

    Here it goes:
    1. most important thing I've learned about me

    "I deserve happiness and I should have never given one person the psychological power to prevent me from receiving that. I finally realize it's okay, even safe, to let go"

    2. Favorite Exercise - Life Assessment Day 2

    "It really put it out there. Writing it down and measuring the pros against the cons opened the door to usher in change"

    3. Exercise I struggled with and why

    "Again the life assessment. It was my life, as it is right here, right now...not how it should be or how I long for it to be. My summation of 'me' was painful to realize but it was the breakthrough I've been waiting for"


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