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Preview Eric Roberson's latest work, The Box, on the Pandora Premieres Station ( The Box, Erro's tenth album, is scheduled to be released on August 12th. You can pre-order your copy on iTunes. He's also hitting the road, check out his website for dates near you.

Life, Love & Fire ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire." 

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

soul coincidences

i desire to make forever memories with you 
not cautious but of the vivacious life and love-filled kind 
exploring one another in the hushed air of a misty dayspring
experiencing the newness of our connection 

time disregarded for mere presence and harmony 
eluding the perception of reality 
adeptly entering my physical realm 
mutually dissolving the detrimental mask of strength 

hearts conspiring to be faithful to our core desires 
God allows me to see you in your purest form 
healed through connection and kismet 
we breathed in a struggle with self, exhaled peace and favor 

©2014 MCG

Just Love...Can We?

“I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me.
It terrifies me what I would do for you.”

~ Liam Stewart

While my declaration of love is free and confident, perhaps it's a tad bit premature, but I only think of loving him. Being supportive, making his life easier and more pleasurable. The list goes on, but the truth is that while the quote above is reflective of the reassured and "down for you" side of me, that familiar uneasiness with the unknown kicked in. 

Can I really just love? 

Can I remove the past from the equation and solely embrace the newness and fullness of our experience? 

Will I be the one to eliminate the residue of wrong and misplaced character judgements to reveal his core nature? One that is giving, sincere, loving and loyal.

My intent to love is this point. Perhaps it's because I don't have anything invested yet and vice versa. I feel like I have a 20/20 perspective on this, but you never know until something triggers a heartfelt emotion - good or unpleasant. I guess realizing this is the starting line for just loving as life unfolds :-)

Lyrical Fire ~ Jaded ~ George Tandy, Jr.

Instagram/Twitter: @teamtandy

This brotha is phenomenally talented at producing soul-stirring grown folks music.

Own Your Truth!

"You need to own your truth no matter how terrified you are of rejection."

~ Kelly Marceau

A Sacred Letter To Women from Sexy Consciously Awake MEN

There's nothing like being called out by a statement you read or hear from someone you've never met. Someone who has no way of knowing how the person you truly want in your life...full-time, undistracted and fully present...has been a real litmus test of your very own truth. You've lied to yourself, you've hesitated to share how you really feel, you've downplayed how much this guy really means to you, you've taken credit for the inner awakening you've experienced after your souls met. Needless to say, the list goes on.

I could blame it on my imagined sense of a "lost connection", but we always pick up where we leave off.

I could say it's because he doesn't have space/time in his life for me. This may actually be partially true, but it can't be confirmed unless I remove my resistance to be open to what happens next (good or bad).

Again, the list goes on, but I'm now reminded once again that I have to own my wagon of stuff or simply never experience all that it could be. 

When I'm truthful with myself I know that my history has been a series of ducking and dodging my emotions. I'm determined to change this, it's no way to live. This self-saboteur in me has to be evicted. 

Be ~ Contramonte

This is how you rebuild yourself from hollowness: 

Begin to notice. Begin to notice the sighs of the wind as it passes through the willow tree frozen and silent, begin to pluck the stars from the gutter, the fruit from your lips, the crumpled leaf from the tallest branch in order to find solace in how small you can be. 

Begin to rummage around the blurred lines of memory to uncover, like an archaeologist, the gold that used to shimmer when you weren’t so empty, so bare. 

Begin to reinvent courage so spiky it could tear apart any flicker of fear. 

Trick yourself into lethal love, into adoring your own mouth, your perfect ankle, the way your words leave trails like miniature natural disasters. 

Be the dainty feather that twirls down from above, be the wings that the bird has so much faith in, be the quietness of the sleeping lake it flies over, be flight itself, be as still as the silence after the silence.

~ contramonte

Sucks...and not in a good way

Not sure if anyone even visits this place anymore, but I'm in desperate need of a place to dump these weighty feelings recently clouding my days and nights. Perhaps I shouldn't have declared a state of depletion. It seems like my intention to blow off some frustration and carry on as normal failed big time. Instead, my mind, body and spirit decided to align with the thought of being out of steam and generously gave me a side order of no f*cks left to give, heaping cup of depression and inattention, and topped it off with a swirl of quasi isolation. I know I'll look back and realize the reason this season of bullsh*t bloomed, but for now I just can't even act like I'm ok.

Seems like things snowballed when I began taking a personal inventory and found nothing but dust bunnies and a few old memories. How is it that you can give/care to the point of emptiness and still have to find a way back to normal...using only your innate resilience because people are so used to selfishly taking what they need without a second thought that the person who's always tried to be a source of lightheartedness, understanding and positivity has their own issues.

I can't lie about it. If anyone wants something other than to see how I'm doing I don't want to be bothered. It's nice to have someone reach out for something other than a counseling session. I have my own aches, pains, shortcomings, personal quarrels and the like to deal with. I see now that I'll have to be blunt, I just don't want to hear about anyone's bullshit. I'm not a reporting center for all that ails you. It's impossible to deal with depletion without being replenished in some manner. Yes, I'm bitter and resentful in general. Ultimately, I know this is something I'll have to deal with. This too shall pass and all that cutesy stuff, but for now I just want to be in a place of peace, productivity and solitude. 

To top it all off, I had to face the reality that no matter how fond I am of someone, when it becomes obvious that the scales are unbalanced it's time to divest. No use going into that saga, but suffice it to say a reality check left me feeling really disappointed and detached. That's probably what kicked off this mood. 

Fin for now...