Connection ~ Sade Andria Zabala

That’s what really scares me. 

Falling in love is easy. 

Having sex is easier. 

But bumping into someone that can spark your soul - that shit is rare. You could fuck four, five, all the people in a god damned room and you’d only feel a connection with one. Or none at all. 

And what sucks is despite the undeniable real magnetic pull between the two of you, more often than not, you don’t end up together. 

I’m afraid I won’t meet anyone else I can connect with. 

I’m scared it’ll be just you.

~ Sade Andria Zabala 

Tonya TKO Speaks About Self-Abuse

I'm not ready to talk about this from a personal perspective,
but am thankful Tonya has spoken.

For those who need to hear this, may Tonya's words of truth lead you to lighten your load, my friends.

Be All Truth ~ Jesse Boykins

An oldie but goodie from JBIII... 

A woman out for love
But you get lost along the way
You think a man is the answer
Truth is you're our only way
So envision every moment
Relay it back to me
I'll write a song for forever
The light will always stay

Sometimes All You Want is a Kiss and a Hug...

Jackson Bliss wrote a great article that unfurls a few of the major reasons it seems many men (many = speaking from personal experience) lack the ability to express affection without a goal of being sexual. Thanks to Jackson it finally makes a great deal of sense to the young age of 40ish. 

"...our system still punishes boys for expressing love and affection to each other (except in the case of sports) by subjecting them to social and sexual taboo, which means boys will grow up seeing affection as (hetero)sexual behavior and not social behavior, which is troubling. For many straight boys, affection will become gendered, the unique behavior of girlfriends, moms and female friends."

 ~ Jackson Bliss, A Scarcity of Affection Among Men

 Would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy New Year!

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.” 

~ Neil Gaiman


Newsflash! It's Still OK To Believe In Love

Hi everyone! It's been months since I could extend my focus enough to write something even remotely relevant. The other day I decided to deactivate my personal FB account for a month and voila! My brain cells decided to co-mingle a few thoughts.Talking to you all feels good :-)

Life has been treating me well. So well that I met someone who, for lack of a better word, "inspired" me to create a list. What type of list? You know..."the list". The one some suggest single gals create outlining their vision of an ideal mate to possess. To which I say....phooey!

Hold up, didn't you say you created a list, CG?!?

I sure did, but it was after I realized this guy didn't appear in my world as a fluke. I now believe, it's possible we can't accurately identify the characteristics of a great connection until we meet the one who sparks it innately.
I sincerely believe in the many facets of the law of attraction and that thoughts always have the potential to come to fruition, but the way I see it, a list remains a piece of paper without action. 

I can't recall what prompted the brain dump, but when I reviewing the list made me realize how there are traits I never would've thought of. 

He's different....he fits....he comforts me without effort...he encourages and accepts me. He stimulates me in a myriad of ways...intellectually, sensually and spiritually.

Yeah, I dig him on a different level :-)

In my world nothing is ever easy per se. There are a few challenges, but I'm hopeful and continuing to live la vida inspired. 

This post isn't really so much about me as it is to encourage anyone who's wondering how much more of the singledom they can take. Continue loving yourself, maintaining an expectant and open heart and rest assured your desires have not been forgotten :-).